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History: HST 397 Spring 2020


You have been asked to find different formats of primary sources (visuals, maps, information about people, and data). You will find these kinds of primary sources spread across and within different resources. Sometimes you wil look in a database of images, sometimes you will find images in a printed book or a newspaper. Sometimes you will find images and data in the same source. Maps may be online and interactive (and build your own) or they may be static and printed. Much of what you will find will not be digital. Even if it is digital, it may be hard to locate. Below are some sources to get you started. There are many more I could have added depending on your topic of research. Also check out other guides listed below for more recommended primary sources.

Other guides with useful sources

A note about copyright mostly related to images.. Anything (print as well as images) before 1923 is in the public domain, which means you can freely use the image. If you were publishing your project you may have to pay for the rights to use copyrighted material 1924 to the present. Although you are technically publishing this on the web, you are making no profit and you can use the image, etc. HOWEVER YOU MUST CITE WHERE THE SOURCE CAME FROM AND WHAT IT IS. 



Statistics and Data

Online Collections

Below are good, general repositories for primary source collections. They may or may not have information on your topic.


Map Collections

Map Libraries and other large collections of online images. For further information see:  Maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For maps or atlas' on certain areas, see the history by region or history by subject tabs.