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Citation Resources: APA (American Psychological Association) Style


What is a DOI?

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier. Electronic versions of articles get moved from one platform to another and URLs can change over time. DOIs offer a consistent identifier of an article so that regardless of where the electronic version "lives," you can find it with the DOI. Generally, DOI's will be available for articles published after 2011. Some articles before 2011 have DOI's, but most do not. 

Finding a DOI

Most databases will include DOIs, but depending on how you found the citation, it *may* not be included. To find a DOI, input citation information into CrossRef's DOI Lookup. Please note that not all articles will have a DOI.

Resolving a DOI

If you have a DOI, but don't know what the article is or how to find it, input the DOI into this DOI resolver. This should direct you to the article. If you're on campus, you should be able to access the full text of article if we subscribe. If you're off campus, you'll need to go through the library's homepage to authenticate before accessing. Use our chat function for assistance.

Publication Manual of the APA

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