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Art and Architecture History: ART 276

Art-Specific Databases

Academic and Scholarly Journal Articles

African Art Journals

African Arts

NKA: Journal of Contemporary African Art

Critical Interventions: Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture

Useful Encyclopedias

The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought

  • From St. Augustine and early Ethiopian philosophers to the anticolonialist movements of Pan Africanism and Negritude, The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought offers a comprehensive view of African thought, covering the intellectual tradition on the continent and throughout the diaspora. All major trends in African philosophy, political theory, and religion will be covered, as well as significant historical figures and social movements.

New Encyclopedia of Africa  (also in print at King Reference: DT2 .N48 2008)

  • Comprehensive, 5 volumes, with bibliographic references and index (nice!)

A Dictionary of African Mythology (also in print at King Reference: BL2400 .S24 2000)

  • Over 400 entries from the entire continent of gods, goddesses, tricksters, heroes, origin stories, etc.

Oxford Art Online   

  • Comprehensive encyclopedia of many different aspects of art and artists from around the world.  Includes bibliographic information.
  • Only 3 simultaneous users

African Ceremonies (King Reference: GN645 .B4 1999)

  • 2 volumes of excellent images of African ceremonies, rites, celebrations, rituals, and customs.

Peoples and Cultures of Africa (King Reference: DT14 .P46 2006)

  • 6 volume set, organized geographically.  Emphasis on cultural practices.

Info about journals

"Is that journal peer-reviewed or scholarly?"  Find out more information about many journals in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.

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  1. Search by journal TITLE or ISSN whenever possible
  2. Referee shirt icon means it's peer-reviewed
  3. Click on the journal title to see what kind of journal it is (under "Document type")

Where is the article?

Click on the "Find it!" icon to find more information about where to get the actual article once you find it in an index or database.

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If the article is available online, you will see a link to it.

If the article is available in print, you will see a library location (e.g. King Library) and a call number.  Go to that library's periodicals section and look up the call number.  Make sure you write down the volume, issue, and year of your article before you go.

If no copies are available, click on the link that says "InterLibrary Loan Options."  Click on "Journal Article" and fill out the info.  We will try to find the article for you and mail or email it to you.