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Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering: MME 313 | Fluid Mechanics

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Fundamentals and application of the mechanics of fluids including properties, statics and dynamics of fluids, dimensional analysis and similitude, steady state flow, and topics in compressible flow.

Cross-listed with CPB | Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: MTH 251 or MTH 249 or MTH 249H or MTH 257H and PHY 181 or PHY 181F or PHY 181H or PHY 181P or PHY 191 or PHY 191H and PSE 219 or PPS 219 or PCE 219 or CPE 219 or CPB 219 or EGR 211 or MME 21  



Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics Texts

Advanced Level Texts

Incompressible Flow

Compressible Flow

Boundary Layer


Suggested eBooks

Selected Topics: Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Incompressible Flow, Compressible Flow, Boundary Layer


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You can find material and property data, find and use engineering equations, and convert units of measure.

Also contains a library of engineering books.