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Impactful Topics: Ableism, Abortion, Gun Violence, and more: Gun Violence


Guns or firearms are commonly available in the United States and have a variety of uses: target practice, hunting, self-defense, and as part of the duties of police officers and soldiers.  Many believe the right to personal firearms is enshrined in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and all U.S. states and the federal government have laws allowing and controlling their sale, use, and storage.

Guns are also a source of violence in society, both by those who illegally own or access them and by those who have legally purchased them.  Their availability and use are hotly contested.

This guide provides links to a variety of sources, including books and e-books, journal articles, databases, and websites, that are helpful in researching different aspects of this impactful topic. 

Books and e-Books

Subject headings and search terms

  • active shooter
  • assault weapons
  • background checks
  • concealed carry laws
  • Federal Assault Weapon Ban
  • firearm background checks
  • firearm legislation
  • firearms
  • firearms and crime
  • firearms ownership -- United States
  • gun control
  • gun control policy
  • gun rights
  • gun violence
  • handgun control
  • mass shooting
  • mass murder
  • mass homicide
  • mass killing
  • multiple murder
  • multiple homicide
  • "public mass shooting"
  • public shooting
  • rampage shooting
  • rampage killing
  • mass casualty shooting incidents
  • school shootings
  • Second amendment rights
  • Stand Your Ground

Journal articles