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International Studies: Policy Resources

Congressional Research Service Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is responsible for the research, analysis, and information that Congress needs to make informed decisions. CRS Reports are available on a wide variety of topics, but they are not yet available to the public in a comprehensive way. I have linked to sources for CRS reports below. It may be helpful for you to view some of these policy reports to:

  • find information for your own reports
  • see examples of how policy papers are written

The University of North Texas collects CRS Reports in many policy areas, including Foreign Policy. Their site allows you to search for a specific topic or browse all topics.

The Federation of American Scientists collects CRS Reports on a number of topics, including Foreign Policy and Regional Affairs.

Proquest Congressional Publications allows you to search for CRS Reports from 1916 – 2003.

The National Council for Science and the Environment collects CRS Reports on environmental and related topics.

Open CRS attempts to collect and maintain CRS Reports in a central, open repository. Searching and browsing the reports in Open CRS requires an easy-to-create account (user name, password, name, organization).

If you're interested in additional information about CRS and CRS Reports, Deborah Liptack wrote an easy-to-read article for the publication "Online." (Liptak, D. (2005). CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH Service Reports Revealed. Online29(6), 23-26. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database.)

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