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Instruction Resources

Instruction Shadowing

The Instruction Shadowing calendar is a way to encourage and promote shadowing or informal observation of librarians in the classroom. The program is optional but all librarians who teach are encouraged to both add their classes to the calendar and to observe other instructors.


Peer observation or shadowing may be particularly helpful for new librarians but instructors at any stage in their career may benefit. The observer may learn from what others are doing in the classroom, consider new ways of thinking about teaching and subject matter, and generally refresh their own approach in the process of reflecting on others’ practice. Observation of other teachers can stimulate collegial conversations about teaching. This may lead to a more open and ‘sharing’ spirit as well as an increased focus and appreciation for teaching.

Initial Setup and Process for Instructors

1. Add the Instruction Shadowing Calendar to your Google Calendar.

  • Type into the search box under “Other calendars”
  • Toggle it off & on by clicking the box to the left of the calendar name in your calendar list

2. Add Instruction Shadowing to your Google Contacts.

  1. This will ensure that pops up when you begin to “invite” it.

3. As you schedule instruction sessions, invite the shadowing calendar as a Guest to those you are open to having someone observe.

Note: the calendar does not automatically appear unless you have added it as a Contact. Otherwise, you must type the whole email address and add to the invitee list to add your session to the calendar so be sure you have the correct email address.

4. You may want to notify instructors that you plan to shadow in advance. If time allows, discussions on lesson prep, assessment and other considerations may occur. In the past, co-teaching opportunities have come about through shadowing.