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Libraries Instruction Program



The Miami University Libraries Instruction Program aims to cultivate students’ curiosity and critical thinking to contribute to their success as student scholars and as lifelong learners.




The Miami University Libraries are dedicated to the development of a university community that appreciates the importance of being information literate and its relationship to being an engaged citizen. We offer our community opportunities to become effective, efficient and curious information consumers and creators by focusing on the bigger picture, not just by acquiring skills.


We actively promote our instructional services and develop our role as teaching partners. We are strategic, flexible, humble, reflective and creative in our delivery of information literacy instruction in all its forms. This commitment to learning and discovery supports the educational mission of Miami University to instill “intellectual depth and curiosity” in its students.



Instruction Stats

Be sure to report your statistics after each session.

Instruction Reflection

Each year, a teaching reflection must be completed and submitted along with your annual report. You should use the template linked below. When completed, the reflection should be uploaded to a Google folder that is entitled [last name] Teaching Reflections Evaluations. For more information about this process, see the template