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Geology Book Call Numbers

Geology topics are classified with the QE call numbers. They are in the basement of BEST Library, located in Laws Hall. Sometimes it's good to browse the shelf if you aren't after a particular book, so here' s guide the QE call numbers.

QE 1-350.62 | General Geology

QE 351-399.2 | Mineralogy

QE 420-499 | Petrology

QE 500-639.5 | Dynamic and Structural Geology (including volcanoes and earthquakes)

QE 640-699 | Stratigraphy

QE 701-760 | Paleontology

QE 760.8-899.2 | Paleozoology

QE 901-996.5 | Paleobotany 

It might also be beneficial to browse other subjects with different call numbers of potential interest. These are broad ranges of topics but for more details, please check out PDF of the Library of Congress' guide to science call numbers.


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