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Theatre: Reference

Reference Works

Reference works are a good source to go to find out background information on a topic or to look up a quick fact.  This page will combine both online and print reference works. Most of the print reference works will be located on the ground floor of King, in the IMC.

Online Reference Works

Print Reference Works

Print reference books related to the study of Theatre are on the ground floor of King, in the IMC.

Here are a couple of basic titles that you might find helpful. This is a small sampling. Go to the IMC and browse this section for more reference works:

The Cambridge Guide to American Theatre ed. by Don B. Wilmeth.  PN2221.C37 2007

The Columbia Encyclopedia of Modern Drama ed. by Gabrielle H. Cody and Evert Sprinchorn.  PN1861.C65 2007 (2 vols.)

The Language of Theatre by Martin Harrison.  PN2035.H297 1998

The Ultimate Scene and Monologue Sourcebook: An Actor's Guide to Over 1,000 Monologues and Scenes from More than 300 Contemporary Plays by Ed Hooks.  PN2080.H665 2007