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Libraries Strategic Plan: Catalyst | AY 20-21 Strategic Plan

Catalyst | AY 20-21 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Initiatives Progress Dashboard

AY 20-21 Strategic Plan and Values

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Overview of all initiatives and objectives (link to document). 

  • Professional Development: Implement a comprehensive development program at all levels of the organization with at least 50% employee participation.
    • Sponsor: Alea Henle
    • Facilitators: Donna Richardson & Rachel Makarowski
    • Working group: Ginny Boehme, Stephanie Hilles, Jennie Holan, John Williams, Lissa Martin, Gabe Neff, Cody Sprunger, Jerry Yarnetsky, Tiffany Dogan, Jacyln Spraetz
    • Action Plan
  • Adaptability: Investigate, advocate, and implement flexible work environments and staff structures by July 30, 2021. While our focus will be on doing the research that will establish a foundation for long-term change as reflected in our final recommendations, we will also look for opportunities to take action throughout the process.  
    • Sponsor: Elias Tzoc
    • Facilitators: Jody Perkins & Kim Hoffman
    • Working group: Senta Sellers, Pam Hopkins, Cara Calabrese, Shawn Van Ness, and Meng Qu
    • Action Plan
  • Virtual Spaces & Services: Ensure cohesive experience between virtual and physical spaces by expanding and marketing virtual spaces and services to increase user touchpoints by 15%.
    • Sponsors: Elias Tzoc & Stan Brown 
    • Facilitators: Ken Irwin & Alia Levar Wegner
    • Working group: Michael Bomholt, Anna Liss Jacobsen, Dani Owens, Andy Revelle, Justina Kaiser
    • Action Plan
  • Communicating services: Create infrastructure in order to communicate our values and cultivate community by (1) assessing and analyzing user needs, (2) solidifying a brand for the libraries, and (3) creating a brand ambassador program.
    • Sponsor: Kevin Messner
    • Facilitators: Nick Kneer & Nate Floyd
    • Working group: Nela Ahmed, Shawn Vanness
    • Action Plan
  • Meaningful partnerships: Analyze and cultivate values-driven partnerships to support services by pursuing grants, donor funding, and investing in relationship building.

11/10 Business Review Meeting Recap

Slides from the business review meeting can be found here

Recap email.

Top takeaways: 

  1. Your input, through surveys already shared and those to come — provide valuable data and insight to the working groups. Please take some time to fill out these surveys as they come across your inbox.
  2. There’s great collaboration already between the working groups. Some have found unexpected opportunities to work together; others have already initiated partnerships with other units on campus.
  3. The work we’re focused on is practical and will result in real, positive change. Catalyst is not a thought experiment or a wish list, but instead contains real and achievable efforts.


2/16 Business Review Meeting Recap

Slides from the business review meeting can be found here

Recap email. 

Top takeaways: 

  1. Your input is valuable. Please take some time to fill out surveys and participate in focus groups as they come across your inbox.
  2. Our strategic plan continues to support organizational and campus alignment while remaining nimble to meet the needs of the present. We continue to see momentum and movement forward on strategic initiatives, even when action items need to shift or change. 
  3. The work we’re focused on is practical. This is not a thought experiment or a wish list; Catalyst will result in real and positive change.

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