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Libraries Strategic Plan: Catalyst | AY 20-21 Strategic Plan

Catalyst | AY 20-21 Strategic Plan

AY 20-21 Strategic Plan and Values

Strategic Plan Initiatives

In June 2020, facilitators for each initiative were confirmed and a session was held for each of the initiative facilitators to review ideas that have been collected from previous sessions and survey feedback and get started on the initiative action plans. The sponsors and facilitators for each initiative are:

  • Adaptability: Investigate, advocate, and implement flexible work environments and staff structures by XX date
    • Sponsor: Lindsay Miller
    • Facilitators: Jody Perkins & Kim Hoffman
    • Working group: Sean Poppe, Pam Hopkins, Cara Calabrese, Shawn Van Ness, and Meng Qu
  • Professional Development: Implement a comprehensive development program at all levels of the organization with full employee participation
    • Sponsor: Alea Henle
    • Facilitators: Donna Richardson & Rachel Makarowski
    • Working group: Ginny Boehme, Stephanie Hilles, Jennie Holan, John Williams, Lissa Martin, Gabe Neff, Cody Sprunger, Jerry Yarnetsky, Tiffany Dogan, Jacyln Spraetz
  • Communicating services: Create infrastructure in order to communicate our values and cultivate community by assessing and analyzing user needs, solidifying a brand for the libraries, and creating a brand ambassador program
    • Sponsor: Kevin Messner
    • Facilitators: Nick Kneer & Nate Floyd
    • Working group: Nela Ahmed, Shawn Vanness
  • Meaningful partnerships: Analyze and cultivate values-driven partnerships to support services by pursuing grants, donor funding, and investing in relationship building
    • Sponsor: Bill Modrow
    • Facilitators: Carla Myers & Katie Gibson
    • Working group: Jacky Johnson, Laura Sheppard, Masha Stepanova, John Williams
  • Virtual Spaces & Services: Ensure cohesive experience between virtual and physical spaces by expanding and marketing virtual spaces and services to increase user touchpoints by XX%
    • Sponsors: Elias Tzoc & Stan Brown 
    • Facilitators: Ken Irwin & Alia Levar Wegner
    • Working group: Michael Bomholt, Anna Liss Jacobsen, Dani Owens, Andy Revelle, Rob Withers

Questions, feedback, concerns?

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You can also reach out to Samantha Diebel with questions, comments, or concerns.