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Libraries' Strategic Plan: Catalyst | AY 22-23 Strategic Plan

Catalyst AY22-23 Logo

The second business review of Catalyst '22-23 will be on Tuesday, March 7 at 1:00 pm.  All staff are invited to join using this Zoom link.  Hope to see you there!

Strategic Plan Overview

In AY23, the Libraries will continue working on the three goals from AY21 and AY22.  Five action-oriented initiatives are aligned with these three goals.

Goal 1: Develop talent, resources, and experiences to facilitate an inclusive community.

  • Pipeline of Inclusive Talent - Develop and implement a recruitment plan and build marketing tools to attract skilled and diverse talent.
    • Facilitators: Megan Jaskowiak and John Millard
    • Workgroup Members: Alea Henle, Stefanie Hilles, Nick Kneer, Sabrina Mason, Donna Richardson, and Rich Wisneski 
    • Action Plan
  • Heanon Wilkins Faculty Fellow - Launch a residency program for the Libraries, in coordination with Miami University’s Heanon Wilkins Faculty Fellows program through the Office of the Provost and ACRL Diversity Alliance.
    • Facilitator: Elizabeth Kerr
    • Workgroup Members: Cara Calabrese and Jacky Johnson
    • Action Plan
  • DEI Strategic Plan - Write and begin to implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan for the Libraries.
    • Facilitators: Ken Irwin and Elizabeth Kerr
    • Workgroup Members: Lindsey Masters, Candace Pine, Jenny Presnell, and Elizabeth Staarmann
    • Action Plan

Goal 2: Transform the Libraries’ environment and user-centered experience to anticipate evolving modes of learning.

  • Infrastructure Improvements - Implement change to continue to make King Library a first-class space that supports student learning and success, attracts the best staff, and fosters collaboration.
    • Facilitator: Mike Smith
    • Workgroup Members: Kris Abney, Stan Brown, Lori Chapin, Katie Gibson, Aaron Shrimplin, and Jaclyn Spraetz
    • Action Plan

Goal 3: Forge meaningful partnerships that foster affordability, ensure relevancy, and cultivate life-long connections.

  • External Funding - Increase external funding by 10% by engaging with partners, such as ASPIRE, the Office of Research and Innovation, and University Advancement.
    • Facilitator: Kevin Messner
    • Workgroup Members: Roger Justus, Lissa Martin, John Millard, Abi Morgan, Sarah Nagle, and Meng Qu
    • Action Plan

Teams will continue to take intentional steps to align the work they are completing with MiamiRISE as well as support DEI initiatives.

Catalyst '22 Outcomes

Last year's iteration of the Strategic Plan produced amazing outcomes!  To learn more, visit the AY22 Strategic Plan Outcomes page (

You can also learn more in the Catalyst AY22 Final Report.

Strategic Plan Initiatives Progress Dashboard

The strategic plan progress dashboard is maintained monthly.  It is a visual representation of how each workgroup is progressing.  

Overall Progress represents the cumulative progress for every action on the strategic plan.

Goal Progress represents the progress for all aspects of that goal.

Initiative Progress represents the progress for all aspects of that initiative.  Goal 2 and Infrastructure Improvements will show the same progress, as well Goal 3 and External Funding, as there is one initiative for both Goal 2 and Goal 3.

Each initiative is broken into objectives, or smaller tasks, to help achieve the initiative. Objective Progress (found in the Dashboard document, not pictured below) represents the progress for all tasks within an initiative objective. 

AY23 Catalyst Progress Dashboard

Catalyst progress as of December 31

All strategic initiatives overall progress is 50% status pending, 7.9% on track, 14.5% some disruption, 27.6% completed

Progress for each initiative.  Pipeline of Inclusive talent is 33.3% completed.  Heanon Wilkins Faculty Fellow is 23.8% on track and 47.6% completed. DEI Strategic Plan is 25.0% completed and 4.2% on track. Infrastructure Improvements is 14.3% completed.  External funding is 25% some disruption.

December 13, 2022 Business Review #1


Links and resources related to Catalyst:

Top Takeaways:

  • Each workgroup has a clear end goal and teams are taking steps to accomplish this goal by year-end.
  • The impact of this year’s initiatives may take time to be realized.  For example, the Pipeline of Inclusive Talent workgroup is creating marketing materials this year, but the materials created will not be used until next year (and beyond).  I will be working with each initiative workgroup in the spring to identify indicators of success.
  • Timelines are on each group’s mind!  There are about five months remaining before we begin to wrap up Catalyst ‘23.  Initiative workgroups are pacing themselves and aiming to have finished products by June.
  • Much of the work we are doing is leading the way for academic libraries!  Several initiative workgroups conducted research on peer and aspirational institutions and did not find examples of the finished products we are aiming for, but interest in these products exists.  We have the potential to create an impact in academic libraries beyond Miami!

September 7, 2022 Participant Training Recap


Top Takeaways:

  • The three goals remain the same
  • Five NEW initiatives: 1) Pipeline of Inclusive Talent, 2) Heanon Wilkins Faculty Fellow, 3) DEI Strategic Plan, 4) Infrastructure Improvements, and 5) External Funding
  • This year we are engaging with the broader campus community and collaborating with partners in our initiatives
  • The two roles this year are facilitator and workgroup member.  Staff from all departments and classifications are involved in the plan.
  • Timeline runs from now (September) through June
  • THANK YOU! This work would not be possible without YOU!

calendar with a check on one date

- AY23 Timeline -


  • Ongoing Workgroup Meetings
  • 24 - News Story on Catalyst progress
  • 31 - Dashboard Updated


  • Ongoing Workgroup Meetings
  • 28 - Dashboard Updated


Questions, feedback, concerns?

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You can also reach out to Elizabeth Kerr with questions, comments, or concerns.

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