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Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas: How to Access

Access Visible Body Web version

  1. Start from the Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas link
    • or access Visible Body from the Miami University Libraries website Databases A-Z listing
  2. Web version
    • Click the Launch Human Anatomy Atlas button to start the web app
    • Loading may take a few moments, especially the first time you access the app
    • If you do not see a launch button, but see a red incompatibility message, try using IE or Firefox browsers instead
    • When using older browsers, you may need to first download the Unity Web Player when it appears
  3. Mobile versions
    • ​​click the Mobile Apps > button and follow instructions below

Issues starting or using these apps? Try our Troubleshooting page for solutions

Download Mobile App while on campus

This method requires you to be connected to Miami's on-campus wi-fi network (MU-Wireless) 

To download Visible Body

  1. Make sure that you have more than 1.5gb of available free space on your device
  2. While on campus and with your mobile device logged into Miami University's wi-fi (connection instructions)
  3. Click this Visible Body access link or go to
  4. Choose either iTunes or Google Play and download the app
  5. Once downloaded, you must launch the app once while on campus
  6. Mobile App expires 150 days after download. To access, you will need to re-authenticate using your Miami University ID

If you have difficulty downloading the app, please see library staff.

Download Mobile App from off campus

  1. Click on Visible Body link
  2. Login with your MyMiami username and password
  3. From the Visible Body page, click on the orange Mobile Apps > button
  4. On the following page click the orange Off Campus button
  5. Choose the Visible Body Human Anatomy App 2018
  6. Enter your email address
  7. On your mobile device, check your email for the verification code, copy and paste it on the web page
  8. Download the app
  9. You will have received a second email, this contains a username and password
  10. Enter the username and password when requested, and your app will finish installing and be ready for use