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Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas: Mobile Apps and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

To place a 3D model in an environment

  1. Select a 3D model view
  2. Click on Augmented Reality mode 
  3. Scan the environment to find a surface. Visual indicators let you know when you are close to finding a surface
  4. When Augmented Reality mode finds a surface, a yellow target appears
  5. Tap the target to place the model
  6. Use these finger gestures to adjust or interact with the model: 
    • Drag two fingers on screen to reposition model
    • Use one finger to rotate
    • Pinch two fingers open or closed to scale
    • Select a structure for additional information and features
  7. Select reposition to place the model on a new surface
  8. Deselect Augmented Reality to exit AR mode


If you have trouble finding a target in Augmented Reality mode, here are some tips:

  • Turn on more lights in the room
  • Slow down the rate at which you move your iOS or Android device around to detect a surface in the room
  • Move around the room, scan more surfaces, and from various angles
  • Make sure your iOS or Android device is pointed at a sufficiently textured surface
  • Tip: Select a surface that allows you to comfortably explore your model
3d model in front of King Library

With augmented reality, take your anatomy model on the road
(or to the library)