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Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas: Content and Tools

How to? (a few brief videos)

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Access and manipulate models

  • Features include...
    • Browse and search by structures and systems
    • Zoom in or out
    • Dissect or add structures
    • 360 degrees rotation
    • Compare to cadavers and diagnostic imaging
    • Cross-sections
    • Muscle and bone actions

Create, annotate, and save presentations

  • Features includes...
    • Create and annotate a View or Notecard
    • Save a View to Favorites
    • Share a series of Views as a Tour

Controls Cheatsheet

Learning opportunities

  • Features include...
    • Definitions of structure
    • Structure functions
    • Common pathologies associated with structure
    • English pronunciations
    • Seven languages
  • And
    • Quizzes organized by system
    • Lab Activities

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