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Linguistics: Find Books

Library Catalogs

These tools can be used to locate and access print and ebooks from the Miami Libraries and to request print books from other institutions.

Want to Browse?

Sometimes you may just want to browse an area of the library to see what books are available.  Most of the books related to the study of Linguistics will be in the "P" section on the second floor of King.  Remember though that some books might be checked out or will be in our Southwest Ohio Regional Depository. 

Here's a breakdown of the areas:

P1-1091 --- Philology. Linguistics

P98-98.5 --- Computational linguistics. Natural language processing

P99-99.4 --- Semiotics. Signs and symbols

P101-410 --- Language--Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar

P118-118.75 --- Language acquisition

P121-149 --- Science of language (Linguistics)

P201-299 --- Comparative grammar

P302-302.87 --- Discourse analysis

P306-310 ---Translating and interpreting

P321-324.5 --- Etymology

P325-325.5 --- Semantics

P326-326.5 --- Lexicology

P327-327.5 --- Lexicography

P375-381 --- Linguistic geography