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iPads @ the Library (Middletown): iPad Program


In 2013, the Gardner-Harvey Library received a $21,000 Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant administered by the State Library of Ohio to provide iPads for use by classes and individuals in Middletown (with $7,000 in matching funds). We added 41 iPads (with Retina display) to our lending collection, and provided three iPads to the MidPointe LIbrary Middletown for use by their patrons.  Funding was also provided for training sessions to prepare librarians and faculty to teach students and faculty how to use the iPads.


Interested in borrowing an iPad for yourself or class, the Library Reserve Equipment policy provides guidelines on using these items.

Who can check out iPads?

iPads are available to all Miami faculty, staff, and students in good standing, however the classroom iPad set may only be checked out by faculty and staff. 

Where do I go to check out an iPad?

iPads will be available for check out from the InfoDesk in Gardner-Harvey Library. All classroom iPads have the same content pre-loaded onto them.

How long can I keep an iPad?

iPads can borrowed for 1 day. Renewals are not allowed. iPads must be returned in person to the InfoDesk. Please, do not return them using the book drop boxes. The borrower is responsible for any loss or damage to the iPad while in their possession.

The classroom set may be borrowed or used for more than one day if they are not needed in another class. The set may be picked up in the library or delivered to the class. 

What are the fines and fees for overdue, lost or damaged iPads?

Patrons will be charged, up to and including total replacement costs, including all overdue charges and any processing fees, for lost, stolen, or damaged Library Reserve Equipment. For iPads the overdue charge is $2.50 per day to a maximum of $15.00. 10 days after the maximum overdue charge is reached, the borrower will be billed for the entire replacement cost of the item, including the maximum overdue charge, along with a processing fee.

Can I download any apps to the iPad?

Patrons may download apps to the device using their own iTunes account. These apps however, will not be permanently retained on the device and will be removed when the device is returned. We also welcome requests for new apps to be purchased. Please contact Chris Mull with any suggestions.

What if I left any documents or information on the iPad?

Patrons are responsible for deleting any personal information that may have been added to the device while in their possession before the device is returned. iPads are regularly restored to a default setting, deleting all data and apps from the previous users.

Reserving iPads

If you would like to reserve the classroom iPads for use on the Middletown campus, please contact the library InfoDesk at 513-727-3222 or our additional means of communication, and we will add you to our iPad calendar.  You may schedule between 1 and 25 iPads from our classroom set.  We will arrange delivery and pickup options with you.

For individual iPad use, please stop by the InfoDesk to check one out.  You can check the list of our iPads for their availability. 

Who is Using the iPads

Janet Marshall and Chuck Degenhardt - Chemistry

  • ChemDraw, Chem3D, Molecules, The Elements, The Elements in Action, Pages: 3D visualization of  molecules, chemical bonding patterns, interpret infrared spectra of organic compound

Janet Marshall and Susan Marine - Chemistry

  • iPads Abroad 

Jennifer Mysona - Education

  • Safari: research governance, Ohio governor to school principal
  • Socrative: interactive presentation
  • Animoto: camera to make 30 second video

Andy Au - Art

  • Draw & sketch apps

Vipul Ranatunga - Engineering Technology

  • PDF reader: handbook for lab

Ginger Wickline - Psychology

  • Safari: online course evaluations


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