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iPads @ the Library (Middletown): Apps

Current Apps

Our iPads come equipped with several tools for completing a variety of tasks such as research, reading, organizing, note-taking, video and audio recording, and collaboration.  Below are the apps currently installed on the iPads. We welcome suggestions for additional applications. 

Screen 1: Built In Applications

Image of iPad apps on screen 1



Apps on the Dock

Screen 2

Image of iPad apps on screen 2

Screen 3

Image of iPad apps on screen 3

Screen 4

Image of iPad apps on screen 4

Screen 5

Image of iPad apps on screen 5


Searching on iPad

Searching for an app you have downloaded on your iPad is as easy as swipe, type, click. To bring up the search bar in iOS 9:

Swipe down from anywhere on any of your home screens. Just make sure not to swipe down from the very top status bar – that will invoke the Notification Center.

Once your search bar appears, just type in the app name you are looking for and then select the correct result.

Suggesting Apps

We are happy to purchase new apps for our iPads and welcome suggestions. Please contact Jessie Long with any suggestions.