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Nursing (Oxford): Books

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Medical Reference eBooks

Find background information in medical reference books. Check definitions, drug side effects, or possible treatment in online dictionaries, encyclopedias, & handbooks.

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Nursing / Medical Library of Congress Call Numbers

Browse library shelves for books using the call numbers below

 Class R - Medicine
   R      Medicine (General)
   RA    Public aspects of medicine
   RB    Pathology
   RC    Internal medicine
                  RC 435-571   Psychiatry
   RD    Surgery
   RE    Ophthalmology
   RF    Otorhinolaryngology
   RG    Gynecology and obstetrics
                  RG 104-485   Gynecology
                  RG 491-499   Diseases of the Breast
                  RG 500-991   Obstetrics
   RJ    Pediatrics
                  RJ 245-247   Pediatric Nursing
                  RJ 240-325   Newborns, Premature Infants
                  RJ 370-550   Diseases of Children and Adolescents
   RK    Dentistry
   RL    Dermatology
   RM    Therapeutics. Pharmacology
                  RM 300-666   Drugs and Their Actions
                  RM 695-893   Phsycial Medicine, Physical Therapy
   RS    Pharmacy and materia medica
   RT    Nursing
   RV    Botanic, Thomsonian, and eclectic medicine
   RX    Homeopathy
   RZ    Other systems of medicine