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Systematic Review Overview

What is a Systematic Review?

A Systematic Review is an attempt to gather all evidence, both published and unpublished, in order to accurately synthesize and report results to answer a well-defined research question. Key to the process is both exhaustive and transparent searching and reporting methodologies. Multiple steps are suggested and/or required to minimize risk of bias.

Why do a Systematic Review?

The goal of a Systematic Review is to provide an accurate summary of all results on a topic. This helps a reader find and understand the best evidence in a short amount of time.

Resources, tools, and guidelines are available to help you succeed.

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Evidence Pyramid

Pyramid hierarchy of evidence from bottom up: background information/expert opinion; case studies; cohort studies; randomized controlled trials; critically-appraised individual articles [article synopses]; critically-appraised topics [evidence syntheses]; systematic reviews

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