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University Libraries Policies: Instruction Room Policies (Oxford Campus)

Instruction Room Policies (Oxford Campus)

The Miami University Libraries' instruction facilities provide for formal and informal hands-on instruction by trained information professionals. These facilities provide a venue in which students, faculty, and staff can learn to effectively create and use information technology and resources. These facilities feature a full complement of multimedia software.


Room Location Description
Inez Kamm Instruction Room 110 King Library 12 Workstations(Mac), Collaborative Space, seats 48
King Library Presentation Room 320 King Library Large, Reconfigurable Space, located next to the Walter Havighurst Special Collections, seats 88
Center for Information Management 112 King Library CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS, Summer 2023-Present
IMS Instruction Room 27 King Library 24 Alienware gaming PCS; Operated in partnership with Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies
AIS (Advanced Inquiry Space) 134 King Library Bring your own device classroom, seats 40. Operated in partnership with the Office of Research for Undergraduates (ORU)

Use of the Instruction Facilities

Instruction Facilities operated by the Miami University Libraries are for the use of librarians and library staff members for:

  • Credit courses taught by librarians
  • Course-related library instruction
  • Workshops taught by library staff
  • Library staff training
  • Library-sponsored programming and outreach

Instruction Facilities are generally not to be used as a general meeting or conference room. If a proposed session does not fall under one of the criteria above, permission must be granted by the Manager of Library Operations and Planning, Mike Smith ( 

Some facilities may be open as walk-in computing facilities for individual users when classes are not scheduled or may be available as study rooms using the study room scheduler.