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University Libraries Policies: King Library Display Cases

King Library Display Cases

The purpose of the King Library lobby display cases is to feature University Libraries’ collections and/or services in conjunction with current and campus events. Opinions presented in the displays are not necessarily those of Miami University Libraries.

Procedure for faculty and staff:

  1. Reserving the cases:
    • To reserve the display cases, create a google calendar event and invite the display cases you would like to reserve.
      • ULB King Lobby Case NE
      • ULB King Lobby Case NW
      • ULB King Lobby Case SE
      • ULB King Lobby Case SW
  2. Putting up your display:
  • Display cases measurements:
    • 3 ft. 11 inches tall, 4 ft. 5 inches wide, and 1 ft. 1 inch deep.
  • Display case keys are available at the Circulation desk.
  • In order to avoid lost and/or misplaced materials, library items included in displays must be checked out to the display cases. Take materials to be included in the display to the circulation desk and a supervisor will be able to do this. Items checked out to the display cases may be removed by circulation staff if requested for checkout by a patron.
  • Display creators are responsible for removing the display at the end of the reserved time.

Check availability and see a current calendar of scheduled displays

If you have any questions, please contact the current Outreach Cluster coordinator. The coordinator’s name can be found in the "Clusters & Task Forces" section of the Staff Area on the Libraries’ website, or by calling the Dean’s Office at (513)529-2800.