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Kinesiology: KNH 102

Best Bets for Literature Review

The databases listed below are some recommended options for tracking down resources to use in your assignment. If you need a refresher on how to best use them, contact me!

Primary vs Secondary Research

Secondary research will likely be more useful to you for this assignment than primary research (if you can find it), because it will give you a broader overview for your chosen controversy. Make sure you know how to distinguish between the two!

Primary Research Secondary Research
Typically follows IMRAD format (Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, and Discussion) Typically has an introduction; other section headings will vary
Reports on original research or data Summarizes, analyzes, and/or synthesizes original research, but does not report on any new findings

Get to Full Text with Find It!

Most literature indexes do not have the actual journal articles included within them.  Instead, these indexes just contain information about the article, e.g. titles, authors, abstract.

When you find an article of interest in an index, click the "Find It" button by that entry to get to the full text.  If we have a subscription, "Find It" will provide a link to the journal article. (Or if we have the print, it will provide a link to the catalog with the location and call number.)

Find It button

(A few databases, like Academic Search Complete, include full text for some articles. These databases may allow you to search only for articles available in full text, but be aware that you are only searching a small portion of the articles we actually subscribe to.)

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