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IACUC Literature Searches: Database selection

Database Selection

Once you've figured out what information you're going to be looking for and decided on a set of keywords to use, you need to figure out what databases you'll need to search. There is a lot of variety in the types of materials covered by different databases, as well as the timespans and overall scope covered, so making sure you select databases that are relevant to your research is a very important step.

To meet the literature search requirements of the IACUC, you need to select at least 2 different databases (2 for non-duplication and 2 for alternatives). However, it is acceptable, and encouraged, to search as many as are relevant.

Please note that Google Scholar is not a research database. It can be useful for finding some relevant articles and similar research projects, but it is not acceptable to be included it as one of your two databases for the purposes of your IACUC application.




Alternatives Searching | Reduce, Refine, Replace

When doing an alternatives search, one of the two databases you search in is required to be AGRICOLA.

The other database can be of your choosing; it's a good idea to pick one that is discipline specific that relates to your study. See suggestions above.

Additional Resources

While not appropriate database selections, the following are valuable resources to consult for animal care guidance.

Video Tutorials

If you need a quick introduction to a database, check out these videos from you librarians at Miami.