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Film: Kanopy


Kanopy is a streaming video platform with more than 8,000 films including titles from the Criterion Collection, California Newsreel, PBS, the BBC, and a range of independent film and documentary production companies.

As of July 1 2019, the University Libraries considers request for Kanopy titles on an item-by-item basis. Because of the costs and limited duration of Kanopy rental agreements, we prioritize content needed by faculty and students for instructional purposes. Because each request must be considered individually, requests may take several working days to process; please plan accordingly.

Browsing Kanopy and Making a Request for a Kanopy Video

Browse and search in Kanopy using the link above.  Search results provided by Kanopy will list films already owned by Miami at the top, and a list of "videos you can request for your library" in a box below. Be sure to scroll down to find the box displaying videos you can request for purchase.

If you are an instructor and you find a title not owned by Miami that you would like to request for use in your teaching, click on the title.  For films not presently leased by Miami, you will be asked to complete and submit a form requesting a video (see example below). Once you fill out this form (see the example below) and hit "submit" your request is in process, and you will receive an answer in 5-7 days.

Kanopy request form, with fields for name, email, and reason for request.

Kanopy Film Expiration Dates

Kanopy videos are leased by Miami for either 1 or 3 years. Films that have been leased by Kanopy can be looked up in the Miami Library Catalog using the "Books and More" tab on the Miami Library home page. Catalog records for Canopy titles include information about the date when particular titles will become unavailable and will need to be requested again. This information will appear in the "Notes" field of the item's catalog record. See below.

Additional Information about Kanopy Streaming Videos

All films available on the Kanopy platform include classroom rights.

Features include:

  • No simultaneous user limits - films can be viewed by multiple users at the same time.
  • Captions and interactive transcripts alongside the streaming video (for hearing impaired users). For films that do not yet have a transcript, Kanopy will add the transcript to the video upon request
  • Content can be easily integrated into Canvas or added to user-created playlists.
  • The platform can be accessed from any type of mobile device or computer--there are no software installation requirements or interoperability issues with iOS or Windows devices.
  • Fully keyboard accessible - users can tab into it from any browser.