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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Text

What is Generative AI?

Popular Text Based Generative AI

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that uses natural language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue. The language model can respond to questions and compose various written content, including lists, articles, social media posts, translated text, essays, code and emails.

Creator: OpenAI

Language Model: OpenAI's GPT-3.5 (ChatGPT Plus: GPT-4)

Data Sources: ChatGPT was trained on a massive dataset of text, including Common Crawl, Wikipedia, books, articles, documents, and content pulled from the open internet; sources for the free GPT-3.5 model end in 2021, but ChatGPT Plus users can use GPT-4 to perform web searches. Some authors have sued OpenAI for using their books to build the language abilities of ChatGPT. 

Language and Availability: 9 languages, 164 countries and territories

Cost: Free for GPT 3.5, ChatGPT Plus is available for $20 per month

Created by Google, Gemini is described as a conversational AI tool that can help users brainstorm ideas, spark creativity, and accelerate productivity. Like ChatGPT, it uses natural language processing to generate a human-like response to user queries. 

Creator: Google

Language Model: Pathways Language Model (PaLM 2)

Data Sources: Gemini was trained on Infiniset, a data set including Common Crawl, Wikipedia, documents, and conversations and dialogues from the web; Gemini can also perform web searches

Language and Availability: 40 languages, over 230 countries and territories 

Cost: Free

Copilot in Bing is accessible whenever you use the Bing search engine, as well as part of a built-in feature of the Microsoft Edge web browser. It does not require a login or for you to provide any identifying information. Bing uses the OpenAI LLM behind ChatGPT. 

Creator: Microsoft

Language Model: Microsoft Prometheus model built upon OpenAI's GPT-4

Data Sources: Copilot in Bing is designed to understand complex and natural language queries using AI and LLM technology. It relies on data aggregated by Microsoft from millions of Bing search results. Basic questions looking for factual information tend to be accurate, but, as with any chatbot, any questions that require interpretation or critical observation should be scrutinized and vetted for accuracy.

Language and Availability: 7 languages, over 160 regions

Cost: Free 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Generative AI

  • Write text at various levels of complexity and meaningfulness on any topic.
  • Provide a summary of a longer document (either by pasting the text into the AI tool or uploading a PDF or other file).
  • Helps with brainstorming ideas and search terms for a topic.
  • Create AI-generated art.
  • Find answers to questions formed from a variety of sources from the tool's LLM.
  • Creates unique text each time it is used.
  • Hallucinations (can create text that sounds right, but is actually incorrect)
  • Privacy concerns (it uses the data you enter to train the model, so it can be shared with others).
  • May require you to set up a login and share personal information in order to use it.
  • Biases in the materials used to train it can flow through into its responses.
  • Different versions may have source or date limitations that make its answers incorrect or less useful.
  • Given the variety of free and pro versions, there can be digital inequity in access to the same level of tool.