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ENG 262 (Kickel) by Brea McQueen: Finding Books


Books contain a lot of text and other information, but our catalogs search the words in titles, table of contents (sometimes), and subject headings.  Keep this in mind when searching for books and consider searching for broader terms rather than very precise topics.

Find Books and Ebooks

Miami University Online Catalog

Search By: Keyword
Limit By: General Topic and Where The Item is Located
Look For: Call Number, Location, and Availability
Request Item from other MU Libraries

Click on the title of an item to find out more information about that item and to get the citation for that item. To find the citation, click on the icon that looks like a yellow piece of paper and says "Cite" when you hover over it. In the box that opens, scroll to find the citation in the style you need, and you can highlight, copy, and paste that into your references page. Always be sure to double-check your copied citations, though. Often, formatting such as italics and hanging indents, are not pasted over correctly. You will need to do some manual reformatting to ensure that you receive full credit for this portion of your assignment. 

screenshot of how to narrow search by date and to ebooks

Change Date Range: by sliding the rule under "Publication Date" or by typing in specific years in the boxes. (red box in screenshot) Your results list will then only include items that were published within your specified date range.


Get Only Ebooks: In the left-hand column, click on the arrow next to "Material Type" and then check the box next to "Electronic Resources". (red arrow in screenshot)


Continue Searching in OhioLINK for unavailable titles. OhioLINK allows you to request books from college and university libraries all over the state of Ohio.


Helpful Tip for Searching:

When conducting a topic search for juvenile books, it's important to indicate in the search bar that you want to limit your search results to the juvenile collection. This can be done by adding "+ juvenile literature" at the end of your search term.

For example, if you want to search for children's books about indigenous peoples your keyword search would look like:

"indigenous peoples + juvenile literature"

catalog search with the terms "Indigenous peoples + junvenile literature"


When conducting an author search, it's important to input the author's name in the search bar in the correct order. When searching by author, it's always LAST NAME, FIRST NAME MI.

For example, if you wanted to see if we had any books by Claribel A. Ortega your keyword search would like:

"Ortega, Claribel A."

catalog search for "Ortega, Claribel A."


Where can I find e-books?  Along with other books at the MU libraries in our online catalog. E-books are distinguished from print with the label "electronic resource" in brackets after the title.
Ex: Contagion and chaos [electronic resource] : disease, ecology and national security...
How do I read an e-book?  After the title and info about the book, click the blue "Connect to electronic book" link. If you are off-campus, enter your Miami Unique ID and Password first.
Can I download or print an e-book? Sometimes. Each publisher has different rules for how students can use their e-books. If you are permitted to print or download (often limited to a specified number of chapters or pages) it will be noted when you open the e-book.