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BIS 315 (Hamilton): Find Books

Miami University Libraries' Graphic Novel Collections

The University Libraries have built a sizeable collection of graphic novels and comics for all age groups. Among our three campuses and the Art and Architecture Library on the Oxford Campus, we have over 1,500 titles. Most of these are graphic novels and comics, but some are about specific populations and comics or how-to type books about writing or drawing your own comic. See notes below for tips on how to search for these books.

Finding Books

Miami University Online Catalog
Search By: Keyword, Author, Title or Subject Heading
Limit By: General Topic and Where The Item is Located
Look For: Call Number, Location, and Availability
Request Item for delivery from other MU Libraries
Continue Searching in OhioLINK for unavailable titles

If you have a specific title or author in mind, change the pull down menu to Title or Author, and enter your search. When entering an author search use the following format for the author: Ditko, Steve.

If you are just getting started, try this:

  • Enter comics or graphic novels or comic books in the search box (this will be an autocomplete option if you start typing it).
  • Under "Material Type" on the left menu, clicking "Electronic Resources" will get a results list made up mostly of e-books focused on criticism, narrower topics within comics and how-to books.
  • Choosing "Books" under "Material Type" and then also selecting a "Location" at one of the 3 MU campuses will get a results list made up mostly of print copies of actual graphic novels and comics.

If you are looking for information about writers and illustrators (generally, not a specific person), try entering "cartoonists or cartooning."

Tip: You can add 'history' or 'criticism' in the second search box to find information about those aspects of comics.

Tip: You can add terms such as 'women' or 'African American' or 'Muslim' in the search box find comics by or about people from those groups or discussing how those groups are treated in comics.

Finding E-books

Search: As described in the box above.screenshot of how to narrow search by date and to ebooks

Miami University Online Catalog

Get Only Ebooks: In the left-hand column, click on the arrow next to "Material Type" and then check the box next to "Electronic Resources". (red arrow in screenshot)

Change Date Range: by sliding the rule under "Publication Date" or by typing in specific years in the boxes. (red box in screenshot) Your results list will then only include items that were published within your specified date range.

Why Use Books?

You do not need to read an entire book cover to cover in order to use it as a source in your research assignment.

Look at the table of contents to see if there is a chapter that addresses your narrower aspect of a broader topic covered in a book. For example: Is there a chapter about Ohio's response to the opioid epidemic in a book about the broader national response?

Or you can use the book's index to see which specific pages a book contain information about your topic and read only those pages. (For example: Perhaps a book about the opioid epidemic includes information about Ohio drug courts on pages 72-75).