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BIS 315 (Hamilton): Find Articles

Article Databases with Articles about Comics

**You will need to log in with your MU ID and password when using these resources off campus.**
**Click images below to enlarge them. Use the back button to return to the guide after viewing the enlarged. images.**

These databases will allow you to search for articles from multiple magazines and journals at the same time rather than searching them one at a time as in the adjacent box. Articles from the adjacent titles may not appear in your results lists in these databases which is why they are listed separately.

Tip: You can use some of the same search terms listed on the Find Books tab in the database searches as well.

Tip: You can search all of these databases at the same time by clicking the blue 'Choose Databases' link over the search boxes and checking the boxes next to each of them on the list of databases that opens up.

Choose Databases link

After you have a list of results, click on titles to see a list of subjects discussed in the article as well as an abstract or summary. This will help you decide whether the article is truly on topic for your research question. If it is, look in the top left corner of the page for a link that says "Full Text" to read the entire article. If there is no full text link, use the yellow Find It! button to look for the full text elsewhere (see box to the right for more info about the Find It! button).

In addition to full text, there is a column of tools on the right side of the screen that will let you save articles to your Google Drive, email them to yourself, or cite them in multiple formats.

Screenshot of the detailed article screen in EBSCO


Use the Find It! Button

Some databases include the full text of the articles described in the them. However, most databases do not. When the database does not have the full text of an article, you should see a yellow Find It button like the one above. 

Clicking this button will search through other databases that Miami subscribes to looking for the full text. If a different database has it, you will see a link to it on the new tab that opens. If there is no full text link on the new tab, you should see a link to a form for a service called interlibrary loan (ILL). If you fill out this form, the library will try to find the article from another library on your behalf. This can take several days, however, so if you need the article right away, it is not a good option for you. 

Journals about Comics