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Evidence Syntheses & Systematic Reviews: Grey Literature

What is grey literature?

Grey literature includes unpublished studies, unpublished clinical trials, conference proceedings, government and other reports, dissertations/theses and more.

*Include grey literature in Systematic Reviews to reduce risk of publication bias. 

Government and International Databases

Jewell, S. T., Fowler, S., & Foster, M. J. (2017). Identifying the studies (Part 2). In M. Foster & S. Jewell (Eds.).Assesmbling the Pieces of a Systematic Review. Medical Library Assocation Books.

Conference Proceedings & Dissertations

Awarded Grants

PrePrints and Open Archives

Miami University Scholarly Commons

Multidisciplinary Repositories

Medical and Health Sciences Preprints

Note: Also see STEM and Social Sciences Repositories

STEM Repositories

Social Sciences Repositories

Data Repositories

Foreign Preprint Repositories