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Research 101: Home

This online research primer gives you the tools and strategies to get started on your academic research paper, presentation, or project using the collection of Miami University Libraries, tutorials, and Web 2.0 productivity tools.

Getting Started with Oniine Research - Tools & Sites

Concept Maps - Brainstorming, Mind Map

Popplet - Brainstorming, Mind Map

Topic Subtopic Planner - Outline & Support

INFOhio Narrowing a Topic - Develop Your Topic & Write One Research Question


Google Drive - Collaborative Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations for Group Work

Padlet - Collaborate on a Wall of Documents, Pictures, Videos


Wordnik - Definitions, Etymologies, Lists, Related, Images, Tweets

Visual Thesaurus - Map of Word Relationships. Free Searches Limit 

YourDictionary - Definitions, Synonyms, Sentences, Quotes

Store Stuff in the Cloud

Evernote - Organize Your Notes & Everything

Dropbox - Access Your Stuff from Anywhere

Google Drive - Access Your Stuff from Anywhere

Research Process