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Psychological Science (Regionals): Find Books

Major Catalogs

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The following subject areas can be found in Hamilton and Middletown. In Oxford, you will find the BFs, RCs & RJs in BEST library, while the HMs are in King Library.

BF - Psychology

       Cognition: 309-499     

       Developmental: 712-724

       Personality: 698

       Tests & Testing: 176

HM - 1001-1281 - Social Psychology

       Social perception: 1041-1101     

       Interpersonal relations: 1106-1171

       Social influence: 1176-1281

RC 435-471 - Psychiatry

     Therapeutics: 475-489

     Hypnotism: 490-499

     Psychoanalysis: 500-510

     Psychopathology:  512-569

     Developmental disabilities: 570-571

RJ 499-507 - Child psychiatry

Additional Local and State Catalogs