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One Button Studio: Home

This guide provides details on how to use the One Button Studio at the Gardner-Harvey Library.


Learn how to create a stunning, high quality video in Miami Regional's One Button Studio, without any prior video production experience using E-Campus's Quickstart training course

*PDF of the course

How to get started

One Button Studio InstructionsWelcome to the One Button Studio! Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Insert your E-campus USB into the dock to begin
  2. Press the spacebar to start/stop recording
  3. Record and follow on screen instructions

There’s no need to adjust the lights, settings, the camera or anything else.


For successful videos, follow the steps below. 

  • Do not adjust any of the equipment in the room. Make sure your USB drive has enough free space (a 20-minute recording will take up approximately 1 GB of space).
  • Your USB drive must also be formatted as FAT, FAT32, or exFAT. Formatted USBs are available for use at the Gardner-Harvey Library InfoDesk.
  • Insert your USB drive into the dock to activate the lights and camera.
  • There is space in the room for a laptop, projector, or iPad for displaying a PowerPoint or using a teleprompter app. You can borrow these, as well as other tech equipment, at the Gardner-Harvey Library InfoDesk.
  • The green screen in the room may be lowered for use as the background with your video. (This studio is designed to capture video with the Chroma key green background. Any post processing or effects would need to be applied outside of this room on another computer.)
  • The software will create the video file in .mp4 format.

Please report any problems with this room or equipment to the E-Campus (


Need Help? Computer or software issues - Technology Services 513-727-3356, Recording equipment issues - E-Campus 513-217-4003,

Reserving the studio

The Studio is open during Gardner-Harvey Library open hours. You can reserve the studio online through our library reservation system

What can I do in the One Button Studio?

Curious how you can use the One Button Studio and what you can make? The possibilities are endless! 

  • Record videos for your online course
  • Create a news segment with our green screen
  • Record a presentation for class
  • Practice your interview skills
  • Act out a scene from a play

Contact E-Campus for more suggestions on how you can use the room for both your teaching and learning needs.

*Max occupancy is 6 individuals.