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Maker Scholarship: Intro to Making

This guide contains information on how the Makerspace can be incorporated into courses. It also contains a variety of learning modules on topics related to making and innovation.

Intro to Making

In this module, students will learn about making and maker culture. Through short videos and a discussion exercise, students will learn about makerspaces, the maker movement, and what it means to be part of the culture of making. They will also learn how they can join in with maker culture at Miami by using the Makerspace at King Library. 

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What is a Makerspace?

The Maker Movement

Memorable Making Experience - In-Class Activity

Think about a memorable making experience you have had in the past. 

  • Hint: Expand your ideas of what "making" means. It doesn't have to be about robots or 3D printing. Your making experience can be any time you made something - gardening, carpentry, sewing, or even just making a nice pot of soup!

What did you make? Who were you with? 

What did you learn from the experience?

What was memorable about this experience? Why did this experience come to mind?

Now that you've discussed your memorable making experiences, here are some important things about making you should know:

  1. Everyone is a maker! Making is what makes us human.
  2. Making encompasses a wide range of activities. It's not just about high-tech machinery and 
  3. Students of any discipline can be makers. It goes beyond engineering and other STEM topics. 
  4. Making is accessible to everyone. There is no previous experience needed to start making. The best makers know that trying, failing, and trying again is the best path to making great things. 


Note: Memorable Making Experience was adapted from:

The Maker Mindset

Inclusivity in the Maker Movement

How to Start Making @ Miami

Check out the Makerspace webpage for infromation on equipment, hours, and policies. 

You may reserve equipment here:

The Makerspace is located in King Library, room 303. 

If you are learning remotely, there are still lots of ways you can start making! Check out our Making From Home Guide for projects that can be done from home with minimal materials, or online tutorials for creating digital projects.