Welcome to New Graduate Student Orientation
September 9th | 3:30-5:00 pm.
King Library

Table Sessions

Subject Librarian

Welcome Video Subjects Librarian's Profile
Welcome Video Geography, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geology, Physics Kristen Adams
Welcome Video Computer Science, Computational Electrical and Computer Engineering, Math, Statistics, Information Systems & Analytics; Statistics; Computer Science and Software Engineering; Mathematics Roger Justus
Welcome Video All Biology, Botany, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Kinesiology and Health, Nursing  Ginny Boehme
  English, Creative Writing, Composition and Rhetoric, English and American Literature Mark Dahlquist
Welcome Video Sports Leadership and Management Nate Floyd
Welcome Video French, Spanish Katie Gibson
Welcome Video Architecture, Art, Interior Design, Art and Experience Design Stefanie Hilles
Welcome Video Criminology; Gerontology; Psychology; Sociology; Speech Pathology and Audiology; Physician Assistant; Family Studies and Social Work Megan Jaskowiak
Welcome Video Anthropology; Business Legal Studies; Education; Entrepreneurship; Juvenile Literature; Marketing; Teacher Education Abi Morgan
Welcome Video Political Science, History Jenny Presnell
Welcome Video Educational Psychology, Educational Leadership Jaclyn Spraetz
  Philosophy Rob O'Brien Withers
Welcome Video Music Barry Zaslow
  Accountancy, Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Marketing Zac Grisham