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Project Dragonfly: Journal Articles

Important Update

The new PubMed is here.

PubMed has officially implemented its new interface. This is a change that has been in the works for a while; an FAQ about the transition is available and may answer many questions you have. The National Library of Medicine has also created some helpful quick tours and other documentation to help you learn to navigate the new interface. Don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions.


Article Databases

The following list contains multiple resources for finding journal articles on environmental topics. One of these databases may fit you best, or you may need to search multiple databases for the best results.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a good resource, just keep in mind that not all journal articles can be found there.  You will be able to link to some full text automatically.  If you search from on campus, you will automatically see the Find It @ MiamiOH link. Try to get a hold of full text from that link, or ask me.

Search Tip: Use the Find It! Button

When you search a database for a "Full Text" item, you are only searching through that particular database for the document in full-text, and not our entire collection.  An item may exist as a "Full Text" selection within a different database.

If you don't find an item as full-text in the database you're searching, use the "Find It" button to cross-search other databses for that same item.  You may discover that we have electronic access to that material after all.