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Makerspace: Friday Make-Alongs

Welcome to Friday Make-Alongs!



A picture of paint brushes in cans with the words "Fall Friday Make-Alongs" along the bottom.





The Fall Friday Make-Alongs are collaborative virtual events that will take place the first Friday of each month. Join us for a fun, easy makerspace project! 

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The Friday Make-Alongs for Fall 2020 semester are over! BUT see below for instructions and videos on how to complete the projects. 


October Project: Paper Chain Wall Hanging

The video above will take you through the steps to create your own Miami-themed paper chain wall hanging! 

Use this template for the project: 


A grid 7 columns wide and 15 rows high, with numbers 1 and 2 representing the colors white and red.

The completed project looks like this:


A paper chain wall hanging that spells "M" and "U"

November Project: Tissue Paper Flowers

Project for November 2nd: Tissue Paper Flowers


A collection of six tissue-paper flowers, in green, yellow, and pink.

Tissue Paper, 1 sheet per flower

Floral wire OR pipe cleaners



Don't have supplies at home? You can pick some up at the library! Email if you would like to pick up some supplies for the project. 

We'll be following the instructions featured here: