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Makerspace Equipment Guides: 3D Printers

Instructional content for users of the Makerspace.

Lulzbot Mini 2 3D Printers: General Information

Links to help you get started with the Lulzbot Mini 2:


A diagram of the parts of the Lulzbot Mini 2 3D printer.

Controlling the Printer: Cura or Graphical LCD Controller?

There are two options for controlling the Lulzbot Mini 2. First, you can connect a computer via USB and control the printer via the Cura for Lulzbot software. The second option is to control the printer with the controls on the front, called the Graphical LCD Controller (GLCD). The GLCD is the simplest option, and is great for quick, simple print jobs. 

For more information, consult the Lulzbot Mini 2 User Manual.

Loading and Changing Filament

Before changing or loading filament, always ensure that the hot end has reached the correct temperature for extrusion. Failing to do so could clog the tool head.

Lulzbot Mini 2 GLCD Screen, with "Change Filament" selected. From the status screen, push the button to be taken to the main option screen. Scroll down and select, "Change Filament". 
Lulzbot Mini 2 GLCD Screen, with "Pre-heat PLA" selected. Next, select "Preheat PLA". The printer will automatically begin heating the tool head, and retracting the filament. 
Lulzbot Mini 2 Loading Filament Once the machine finishes retracting the filament, squeeze the idler and pull up on the filament to remove. 
Lulzbot Mini 2 Loading Filament Diagram, Showing the Feed Hole, Idler Adjustment Knob, and Extruder Hobb While squeezing the idler, insert the new filament into the feed hole. 
Lulzbot Mini 2 GLCD Screen Showing, reading "PRINT PAUSED. Insert filament and press button to continue... Nozzle: E1 200/200" With filament inserted. Press button to continue. The machine will start pulling the filament down. 
Lulzbot Mini 2 GLCD Screen, reading "Print Paused. Wait for Filament Purge. Nozzle: E1 200/200" Watch for the filament to start extruding from the tool head. If purging stops before filament extrudes, select "Purge More" until you see the filament extruding. 
Lulzbot Mini 2 GLCD Screen, reading "End Filament Change" Select "End Filament Change". You may now start printing!


Preparing Your Print in Cura Lulzbot Edition

Loading a 3D Model


A diagram for manipulating your file in Cura for Lulzbot.

Moving and Altering a 3D Model


The model must be selected with a left click in order to select transformations.

Depending on the selected transformation, spheres or arrow lines will appear around the model. These can be clicked to manually make changes to the model.

X axis is RED

Y axis is GREEN

Z axis is BLUE


A diagram for preparing a file in Cura Lulzbot Edition, showing buttons for "Move", "Scale", "Rotate", "Mirror", "Multiply".

Move - Adjust where the model will print on the plate.

Left click and drag on any of the axis arrows to move the object in a single direction.

Left click and drag the object to move it around in any direction.

Type in numeric values (default is mm) to select an exact position on the build plate.


Scale - Change the size of the model.

Default is 100% scale, with Uniform Scaling checked.

Options for scaling: Left click and drag on any of the axis arrows to uniformly increase or decrease the object’s size. (Note: Unclick Uniform Scaling if you wish to stretch the object along one axis.)

Type in a percentage value in the ratio window to scale uniformly to a percentage of the original size.

Type in an exact value (in mm) for one axis (if uniform scaling is selected, all axes will scale proportionally).



Rotate - Adjust the orientation of the model.

Left click and drag on any of the axis spheres to rotate the object in a single direction.

Select the Reset icon to revert to the original position, or select the Lay Flat icon to set the object flat on the build plate.

Type in a degree value to rotate a specific number of degrees on an axis.


Mirror - Create a mirror image of the object, replacing the original object.


Multiply  - Create copies of the object. Selecting this mode will bring up a new window to enter the number of

copies to create.


Print Settings


Print settings for cura for lulzbot


Print From SD Card

Click arrow next to "Save to File" Insert the SD card into the computer. Select the arrow next to "Save to File".
Click "Save to Removable Drive Select "Save to Removable Drive".
Click "Eject" When "File Saved" pop-up appears, click "Eject".
Lulzbot Mini 2 Print from SD Insert the SD card into the Lulzbot Mini 2. On the GLCD, click the button once to access the main menu, then click, "Print from SD".
Lulzbot Mini 2 Select Print File You'll see a directory of files from the SD card. Select the file you would like to print. The printer will now start printing your object! 


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