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Middletown TEC Lab Makerspace: Heat Press/Sublimation/Vinyl


Sublimation is a kind of heat transfer process which makes the image an actual part of the item. The final result will vary depending on temperature, time, pressure, ink brand, ink coverage, etc.

Using Sublimation Sheets:

  • Blank side is the printing side
  • Avoid fingerprints on the coated side before and after printing
  • Curled or folded sheets should not be used
  • Ink used must be sublimation ink

Sublimation temperature and time

How much does it cost?

Prices are for personal use items. Cost may vary for miscellaneous items. Items for Miami classes/projects are free. TEC Lab sponsored events offer free supplies of 1 item per person. Unsure of a price, check with GHL staff. 

Sublimation - Price includes blank item + use of custom materials

  • Tote bags - $4
  • Mugs - $4
  • Mouse Pads - $2
  • Coasters, keychains, of other 2" or smaller blanks - $1
  • Have an item of your own to sublimate? Cost of Sublimated Paper (per foot) - $1

Vinyl - HTV, Permanent, and Sticker

  • Full Sheets (10"x12" or 12"x12") - $2
  • Half Sheets (5"x12" or 6"x12") - $1
  • Scraps under 1/2 page - FREE

Direct to Film

  • Sheets up to 11" x 12" - $5 (max of 5 sheets may be purchased at a time)


  • Non-sublimation Mugs and Glassware - $2

Heat Press/Sublimation Printing



Direct to Film Printing

Direct to Film is a process that transfers prints onto fabric or other acceptable materials using a heat-press mechanism. Prints from the direct to film printer allow you to transfer an image easily on cotton, polyester, or synthetic materials without any trouble. Plus, the printed image can work on both dark and white fabric.

To purchase prints from the direct to film printer, please speak with a GHL staff member.

Direct to Film printer