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Middletown TEC Lab Makerspace: Button Maker

Button Making Instructions

Step 1: Place The Button Components In The Pickup Die (Left) And The Crimp Die (Right).

Step 2: Rotate The Pickup Die Clockwise Until It Is Underneath The Upper Die.

Step 3: Pull The Handle Down, Easily Crimping The Shell, Graphic, And Mylar In The Upper Die.

Step 4: The Button Components Are Now In The Upper Die. Raise The Handle And Rotate The Crimp Die Counter-Clockwise.

Step 5: With The Pin Back Still In The Crimp Die and....

Pull The Handle A Second Time.

Step 6: Rotate The Die Clockwise To See Your Finished Button!

That's It, That's All There Is To Making Buttons!

Make your own buttons!

How much does it cost?

We charge $0.25 per 2.5" button and $0.15 per 1" button (your first ten buttons are free)