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Middletown TEC Lab Makerspace: Button Maker

Button Making Instructions

Step 1: Place The Button Components In The Pickup Die (Left) And The Crimp Die (Right).

Step 2: Rotate The Pickup Die Clockwise Until It Is Underneath The Upper Die.

Step 3: Pull The Handle Down, Easily Crimping The Shell, Graphic, And Mylar In The Upper Die.

Step 4: The Button Components Are Now In The Upper Die. Raise The Handle And Rotate The Crimp Die Counter-Clockwise.

Step 5: With The Pin Back Still In The Crimp Die and....

Pull The Handle A Second Time.

Step 6: Rotate The Die Clockwise To See Your Finished Button!

That's It, That's All There Is To Making Buttons!

Design your own button!

Make your own buttons!

How much does it cost?

We charge $0.25 per 2.25" button and $0.15 per 1" button (your first ten buttons are free)