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Middletown TEC Lab Makerspace: 3D Printing

Request a 3D print

  • Request a 3D print job using our 3D print request form.
  • Acceptable file types for printing are .STL or .OBJ. Please be sure to tell us the color you would like it to be printed. We would be happy to get back to you with a quote on a print job before we start printing it.
  • You may also contact the Library staff for a 3D printing consultation (or just stop by).
  • Our largest printer can print in these dimensions: 11 × 12 × 11.8 inches (280 × 305 × 300 mm).
  • 3D items vary quite a bit in printing time depending on the size and density of the object. Please allow 4 business days for your order to be completed (multi-part items or particularly large items may take longer).
  • Generally, 3D printing for class projects or educational purposes will take precedence over personal printing. The Library staff reserves the right to approve items for printing.  We ask that you:

Find things to 3D print

Make your own things to 3D print

There are several 3D editors you can use to create or modify 3D models for printing. Here are four suggestions that are all free to use (the first one is web-based and the next three are for download):

3D Printer

How much does it cost?

3D printing is offered at no charge.

3D Printing: a dramatic interpretation