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Gerontology: Books


Finding Books

You can find both print and electronic format books in the MU Libraries catalog. For print items the location and call number of the item will be provided, and for ebooks a link will be given.

Many of our older books are in storage in the Southwest Depository or Hughes Storage facility; if you need an item in these locations, they can be retrieved upon request.

We also have access to print books from other OhioLink libraries, available by request through the OhioLink catalog.

OhioLink purchases ebook content from several publishers.  For the sciences the three most relevant are Springer, Oxford, and Wiley-Blackwell.  Most of these books are available in the OhioLink Electronic Book Center and through our catalogs, but recent titles in particular may be available first on the publisher web sites.

Books contain a lot of text and other information, but our catalogs search the words in titles, table of contents (sometimes), and subject headings.  Keep this in mind when searching for books and consider searching on broader terms (e.g. amphibian ecology) rather than very precise topics (heat tolerance of salamanders).

Subject Headings

Gerontology is highly interdisciplinary. So, relevant books can be found under several different subject headings within the library, and this is reflected in the call number ranges.

Call Number Ranges


BF724.5 - BF725

Developmental Psychology: Adulthood, Middle age, Old age

HQ1059.5 - HQ1065

The Family.  Marriage. Women: Gerontology (Social Aspects). Retirement

HV1449 - HV1494

Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Protection and assistance, older people


Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Alcohol & older people

HV6250.4 A34

Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Crime Victims


Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Suicide among special classes (Aged/older)


Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Elder Abuse

RC952 - RC954.6

Internal Medicine: Geriatrics