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Credo Info Lit - Core: Home

Digital resources to develop students' information literacy


Credo Information Literacy - Core (or InfoLit-Core for short) includes 80 digital resources to develop students' information literacy.  Items include text tutorials, videos, interactive exercises to practice concepts, quizzes, plus a pre and post test to assess baseline and learning.  Watch this brief overview video.

The tabs for each module include a list of learning outcomes, direct links to individual items in each module, and LTI links that can be used to place the items in Canvas (an instruction sheet is also linked).

How can I use Instruct (formerly Credo InfoLit Modules)?

  • Use Credo Instruct (formerly Credo InfoLit Modules) in-class, in a flipped classroom, or as graded assignments to develop students' academic research understanding and skills.
  • Copy the "direct links" to place a link to a specific section, video, or quiz from a module into Canvas or to share it directly with students in email, etc.
  • See "How to Add Credo InfoLit Modules to Canvas" (PDF).  Instructors choose a Credo item, copy the LTI link, and add it as an External Tool to Canvas Assignments or Modules.   
  • Quiz grades can be automatically sent to your Canvas Gradebook.
  • If you prefer, ask a librarian to help you add Instruct (formerly Credo Modules) or digital objects to your Canvas course

Adding Instruct Items to Canvas (formerly Credo)

LTI Links Instructions

Adding LTI Links individually to your Canvas course

  1. Add item to Canvas Assignment or Module by clicking +
  2. Add to Type = EXTERNAL TOOL
  3. More Options  
  4. Click the drop down arrow to copy the red LTI Link from Credo guide
  5. Paste it in Canvas link box
  6. Save & Publish

Need Help?

Oxford Campus:

Andy Revelle

Instructional Technology Librarian

(513) 529-6231

Hamilton Campus:

Mark Shores

Assistant Director, Rentschler Library

(513) 785-3203

Middletown Campus:

Jessie Long

Outreach and Instruction Librarian, Gardner-Harvey Library

(513) 727-3225


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20 Questions Covering All Content