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Data Services: Digital Scholarship

Data Services

Data management plans - (guidance and review)  Usually this is in preparation of applying for grant funding.

GIS - help in preparing and visualizing data with geographic or spatial qualities.

Data Visualization - help in designing graphs, charts and other visual displays of data.  Both Humanities and hard sciences.  Interactive or static displays.  Useful for exploring the data you have collected and generated as well as visualizations for conveying information to others.

Finding Dat​a

    Census data - American Fact Finder, Data Ferrett, NHGIS

    Social science survey data - ICPSR

    Other data - custom for your research project.

Purchasing data - Ask your subject librarian about purchasing data sets.

Preserving data - Data (collected, created, or purchased) is stored and preserved in the Miami Scholarly Commons.

Disseminating data - The Miami Scholarly Commons is a portal for people to download available datasets.

Database design - produce custom entities (database tables) and relationships to to store and retrieve research data.

Citing data -  help creating the proper format for citing a dataset.

Example Projects

SourceNotes - In collaboration with campus I.T. and the History department.  We are creating a database and interface to allow researchers to annotate historic documents and share those annotations with others.  This system is also being used as a primary tools in a campus course.

Conference attendance maps - To track where conference attendees have come from over the years as an annual conference changes location each year, conference attendance has been visualized in an interactive map.

SOLR - Our institutional repository uses SOLR to index system activity.  We are creating a software tool to extract complex information from the SOLR records.  This allows organizations on campus to have a granular reporting on downloads and search activity for their materials.

Mapping - Given faculty data, we produce or can help the faculty produce custom maps for exploring significant patterns in the data as well as to convey those patterns to others visually.

ESRI - On campus, the Center for Digital Scholarship handles the license servers for ESRI ArcMap and ArcGIS products as well as a local ESRI portal and other geospatial software tools (eCognition, ENVI, etc.)

Your Librarian

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