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Asian Studies: Asian Studies Journals

Asian Studies Journals at Miami University

The following is a list of many of the Asian Studies journals that we currently have at Miami University. This list is not comprehensive!  If the journal is available online, the title of the journal will be hyperlinked.  There may be other versions of the journal than what is listed below.  Please check the library catalog for the most updated information.  

Ars Orientalis - Art/Arch folio: N6260 .A135
Artibus Asiae - Art/Arch periodical: N8 .A75
Arts of Asia - Art/Arch periodical : NX572 .A75
Asia Major - King periodical: DS501 .A65
Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
Asia Pacific Review
Asia Pacific Viewpoint
Asian Affairs
Asian American Policy Review
Asian Business & Management - King periodical: HF3751 .A85
Asian Ethnicity
Asian Folklore Studies - SW Depository: GR330 .F6
Asian Journal of Political Science
Asian Journal of Social Psychology
Asian Journal of Social Science
Asian Journal of Women's Studies - King periodical: H!1726 .A78
Asian-Pacific Economic Literature
Asian Perspectives - SW Depository: DS514 .A78 (older issues online here)
Asian Philosophy - King periodical: B5000 .A85
Asian Studies Review
Asian Survey - King periodical: DS1 .A492 (older issues online here)
Asian Theatre Journal - SW Depository: PN2860 .A76 (older issues online here)

Beijing Review - King periodical: DS701 .P42

Central Asian Survey - King Periodical: DS327 .C39
The China Journal
The China Quarterly - SW Depository: DS701 .C472 (older issues online here)
Chinese Education and Society
Chinese Studies in History
Contemporary Chinese Thought
Contemporary South Asia
Contemporary Southeast Asia (older issues online here)
Critical Asian Studies - King periodical: DS1 .B84

Early Modern Japan: An Interdisciplinary Journal  
East Asia - King periodical: DS501 .J647
Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies

Far Eastern Survey

Harvard Asia Pacific Review
Harvard China Review
Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies - King periodical: DS501 .H3

International Journal of Asian Studies
Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific

Japan Echo - King periodical: DS801 .J256
Japanese Economic Review
The Japanese Economy - SW Depository: HC461 .J45
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies - King periodical: BL2202 .J35
Japanese Studies
Japan Forum - King periodical: DS801 .J375
Journal of Asian American Studies
Journal of Asian and African Studies
Journal of Asian Business - King periodical: HF3790 .8 .A3
Journal of Asian History - King periodical: DS1 .J64
Journal of Asian Studies - SW Depository: DS501 .F274 (older issues online here)
Journal of Contemporary China - King periodical: DS701 .J68
Journal of East Asian Linguistics
Journal of East Asian Studies
Journal of Japanese Studies - SW Depository: DS801 .J7 (older issues online here)
Journal of Northeast Asian Studies - SW Depository: DS501 .J647
Journal of South Asian Development
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (older issues online here)

Korea Journal - King periodical: DS901 .K7
Korea's Economy

Late Imperial China

Modern Asian Studies - SW Depository: DS1 .M58 (older issues online here)
Modern Chinese Literature and Culture - King periodical: PL2303 .M63
Monumenta Nipponica - King Periodical: DS821 .A1 M6 (older issues online here)

Nan Nu: Men, Women, and Gender in Early and Imperial China

Oriental Art - Art/Arch periodical: N8 .O75

Pacific Affairs - King periodical: DU1 .P13 (older issues online here)
Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique  (SW Depository: DS501 .P67)

South Asian Survey
Southeast Asian Affairs
Southeast Asian Journal of social science

Taiwan Panorama - King periodical: DS799 .A2 K8