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TCE 315P (Hamilton): Bibliography Assignment Resources

Finding Books

The lists of books available for checkout in each category in the box above are all print copies located at the Miami University Hamilton library. Licenses for e-book versions of these titles are difficult for libraries to obtain.

Additional print copies of these books may be available at the Oxford or Middletown campus libraries. You can search for those by clicking on the title of a book in a list and scrolling to the bottom of the page that opens. Items from other MU libraries can be requested for pick up at the Hamilton Campus.

Screenshot showing users the link to the library catalog record for a book listed in this guide.


Screenshot showing where to see whether other MU libraries also own a copy of a book on the lists in this guide.

These lists include only a limited selection of the books we own from each category. You can search for books that are not on the lists using the info below:

Miami University Online Catalog  Screenshot showing the icon to click to get an MLA citation for the books owned by the Miami University Libraries.

Search By: Keyword, Author, Title, or Subject Heading
Limit By: General Topic and Where The Item is Located
Look For: Call Number, Location, and Availability
Request Item for delivery from other MU Libraries
Continue Searching in OhioLINK for unavailable titles or additional items

Tip: Include the term "juvenile" in your search to ensure that you receive children's materials if you are searching by keyword.

Tip: You can also get a citation for these books in MLA format. Scroll back up to the right side toolbar and click "Cite." Scroll through the citation styles and find MLA. Highlight, copy, and paste the citation into your Works Cited page. You may lose formatting, such as italics and hanging indents when you paste. You will need to make these corrections manually on your Works Cited page before turning in the paper.