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LST 402 Neumann: Presentation Tools

Presentation Tools

Below are a few resources that can be beneficial to you as you put together your Artist Biography presentations. There are a variety of slide deck templates, photo and video editing tools, and interactive media. The vast majority of these resources have FREE templates available to you for use with proper credit to the creating author. Please incorporate them into any citation or reference page you make. If you have questions about how to properly give credit, please reach out to me, and I would be happy to help. 

Example: If you use a Slidedeck template, and do not leave the final slide that credits the creator, that is plagiarism.

Credit: Many of my resources were compiled from a thread made by Vrinda Nair. 

Nair, V. [@VnVrinda] (2022, August 8). Check these websites and tools to make your presentations a bit more interesting and interactive. Twitter.

Slide Decks

Tutorials for Presentation Tools

Create Videos and Illustrations