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Geographic Information Systems: GIS Software

GIS resources, tools, and assistance.

ArcGIS from Esri


ESRI is a large geospatial software company.  They have long been the industry leaders in providing geospatial analysis software.  Their products are not free. However, you can enroll in free massive open online courses (MOOCs) with them and have access to their software to work through the assignments for the duration of the course. 

Miami University supports ESRI products including ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, and ArcGIS Online through the Dept of Geography's GISci Computer Labs (SHD 132, 134). You can get more information about the products offered here -  Miami University GIS Resources

Other GIS Software Options

 Geospatial capabilities can be found in many different types of software.

  • Desktop GIS programs like QGIS and ArcGIS provide a comprehensive suite of tools for creating or editing geospatial data, performing analysis, and producing maps.
  • Web platforms such as Carto provide hosting for dynamic web maps.
  • Programming languages such as R and Python have many packages for working with geospatial data

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, this can give you an idea of the many different software resources available.  


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