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New Student Resources: Library Basics

How do I checkout books and find other resources?

You can check out books and other equipment for free at the circulation desks at our Libraries

  • Through the Libraries, you have access to millions of books and other media. Even if Miami doesn’t have it, we will borrow it from another library for you. Students can check out items for 3 weeks and you can renew items online.

  • We have many course textbooks and other class reserves. You can borrow these for 2 hours for use inside our library locations. We also have a variety of electronics and equipment for free checkout: laptops, tablets, cameras, cords and chargers.

  • You also have access to a plethora of online resources through our website. Find articles, databases, ebooks and course specific resources without leaving your residence hall!

How do I print?

Printing costs .10 per page for black and white and .25 per page for color printing.

You must pay for printing with your student ID (MUlaa account) or by adding cash (no coins accepted) to a print card available for purchase at King Library.

You can print from library desktops, laptops or your own device


Partners in King Library

The following offices are located on the 1st Floor of King Library:

Where are the libraries?

There are 3 libraries on campus where you can find resources, study, meet with groups and find help on papers and projects.

King Library is open 7 a.m. - 1 a.m. each day of the week during the school year and is our biggest library.

Amos Music Library is located in the Center for Performing Arts. 

Wertz Art and Architecture Library is located in the lower levels of Alumni Hall.


Where should I study?

Whatever your style, we have your perfect place for studying, reading or working on a group project.

  • At King Library, you can find tables to spread out in, cubbies to block out distractions, quiet study rooms on the 3rd floor and the cafe if you want a louder environment to talk with friends

  • There is great study space at the other libraries too! Art & Architecture has lots of natural light and big tables and the Music Library is nearby many first-year residence halls.

  • Reserve a study room! Study rooms are excellent options for quiet study with a partner and group work. Study rooms are also equipped with technology to make your group work easier. With nearly 30 study rooms in King and 3 at Art & Architecture, you’re sure to find some place where you're inspired to do your best work!

How do I get help?

Librarians are a great resource!

  • Librarians are skilled in finding and evaluating resources. We have a subject librarian for every major. All of our librarians can help with finding, evaluating and integrating sources for your papers and projects.

  • Our librarians are available for help online, at library information desks, by email, phone or for in-office consultations. Librarians often come to classrooms to help teach instruction sessions for finding sources for a particular class.

  • Just ASK US!