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New Student Resources: Personal Librarian

What is a Personal Librarian?

Personal Librarians are here to help you take full advantage of all the Libraries has to offer. Our goal is to personally connect you with the library services you need to be academically successful.

Personal Librarians are assigned to all new undergraduate students, including transfers.

If you have any questions about the Personal Librarian program or are unsure who your Personal Librarian is, please contact Laura Birkenhauer at or Nate Floyd at

How can your Personal Librarian help you?

• We are here to help you learn how to navigate the library.
• We can answer your questions about library services, policies, and procedures.
• We can help you formulate your research topic, refine your search strategies, and identify the best sources of information.
• We can teach you how to access information for your paper, project, or research.
• We can connect you with other Miami University services.
• We will keep you updated with the latest library news.
• We’re here to help you succeed by connecting with you in-person or by email, phone or chat, even during breaks.

Your Personal Librarian Coordinators