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CIT 231: Find Books and E-books

Books & E-books

  • Find Books - Search the Miami University catalog to find books and e-books. Use the limit options on the left side of the screen to narrow your search by "Material Type" to "eBooks." 
  • O'Reilly E-books - A collection of e-books and videos on topics including: business, career development, data, design, hardware, math, science, engineering, security, software, web and mobile. Previously called Safari Books Online. Content selection changes on a continual basis.

Why Use Books?

You do not need to read an entire book cover to cover in order to use it as a source in your research assignment.

Look at the table of contents to see if there is a chapter that addresses your narrower aspect of a broader topic covered in a book. For example: Is there a chapter about Ohio's response to the opioid epidemic in a book about the broader national response?

Or you can use the book's index to see which specific pages a book contain information about your topic and read only those pages. (For example: Perhaps a book about the opioid epidemic includes information about Ohio drug courts on pages 72-75).